HAUS is a collective of artist/designers that create fashion forward, urban contemporary clothing for it's eco friendly, cruelty-free clothing brand. 

Our motto is, "Eco conscious  clothing with YOUR style in mind."  It is important for us to keep a fashion forward aesthetic in the design process. This way, you can shop HAUS for pieces that best fit your style and closet for years to come!



HAUS was founded by designers Michael Sullivan, Shatara Wright and Lindsay Von Leeche. These artists met in San Francisco while all studying Fashion Design at the Academy of Art University. It wasn't long before they curated the creation of HAUS and its ideals.

After finding their similarities in character as well as design, Michael, Shatara and Lindsay decided that bringing a group of creatives together to create works was the only way to achieve all of their ambitions or what they call the ' Unified Theory '. Thus, creating what is known today as HAUS.

Honoring Art | Unifying Souls



All HAUS products are produced and made in the USA. HAUS is based in Denver, CO and produces all of its works in-haus. Fabrics and materials are sourced locally and through eco-conscious company's. 

Sustainability is a key component in our creation process. We use vegan and recycled leathers and look for the best cruelty-free materials out there.